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Let's look at some SIMPLE facts:

  • Consumers have more devices connected in their homes than ever before - and this trend continues to rise.

  • Smart home devices, IP cameras and streaming devices all rely on strong wireless coverage to work well.

  • A single router solution leaves several dead spots in your home where you can't get a strong wireless signal.

  • Children are online longer and at a younger age than ever before.

  • Many of us parents out there have concerns where their kids go online - especially when we can't watch closely.

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Building a New Custom Home?  How about Custom Built Wi-Fi?

The best time to look at installing a good wireless system is when you are building a home; not after it is completed.  While many of us have homes already or are not planning the build, this section is for those who are looking to build their new dream home.  For those of you who this doesn't apply to, don't worry.  We have some very good options for you as well.  See below.  

The demands that consumers are putting on the wi-fi in their home is growing exponentially.  Between all of the popular IoT devices like Google homes & Alexa's, doorbell cameras, mobile devices, streaming devices, gaming units and computers, the wireless systems of today just can't keep up. While these systems do offer extended coverage and convenience, most of them are not designed to support homes with several devices connected at the same time.


TNE Technology specializes in custom designed wireless networks that are built for your home.  Our system will not only give you full coverage in your home, but is also robust enough to handle anything you throw at it - no matter which internet provider you use.  It's wireless done the right way.  We keep you online; even when you're outside.  


Benefits of a TNE Home Wi-Fi Solution:

  • By mounting the access points (APs) on the ceiling, you are able to achieve true wireless coverage in your home without being restricted by the location of a power outlet or network wall jack.  

  • The APs we install are not only more powerful than consumer grade equipment, but they are able to handle the traffic from all your devices.

  • Unlike adding an extender to your network or using a mesh system like Google Wi-Fi, our APs are all physically connected and run by a wireless controller.  This allows them to be able communicate efficiently with each other and understand where the bandwidth is needed.

  • With a sleek, neutral design, they are aesthetically pleasing to your home's layout. (diagram shown below)

  • Our outdoor APs are waterproof and can withstand the elements allowing for your family to stay connected in the great outdoors.  Great for pool areas, outbuildings or streaming on the back deck.

  • The equipment we use is dependable.  We offer a no-hassle, 3-year replacement warranty on any of the equipment we install so you can enjoy being connected without the worry of something needing replaced.

If you are currently building a home or planning to and would like to learn more, please reach out to us.  All of our consulting is 100% free. 

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Online Safety for your Children (New Construction Home or Existing)

Have you ever worried about what inappropriate content your children might stumble upon while online?   The online world that we all have at our fingertips can quickly be very dangerous, especially to children.  We offer a solution that has built-in, customizable protections that will restrict devices on your network from getting to inappropriate content.  There is even an added feature that will send an email notification if your child tries to access a restricted site.  This keeps you in the loop  without having to be looking over their shoulder all the time.  

KEY protections include:

  • Built in malware protection at the router level to help protect any device on the network.

  • An option to block sites such as: Adult, Gambling, Violence, Gaming, Social Media as well as others from your family devices. 

  • Force your child's Google or Bing search engine to be in safe mode so no inappropriate search results will be displayed. 

  • Able to choose between Moderate or Strict safe mode depending on the age of your child when on YouTube. 

  • Set limitations on screen time for your child so you don't have keep your eye on the clock.

  • Settings are fully customizable, so as your children mature, you can lessen the restrictions.

  • And many more...

We understand not everyone builds their home.  If you are having trouble with the wireless coverage in your existing home, we have options for you as well.  Our home wireless technicians think outside the box to come up with a solution that fits your needs and your budget.  We will do our very best to answer all of your questions and exceed your expectations.

  • We will come onsite, listen to your frustrations and look at options to boost your wireless coverage.

  • If online safety is a concern, we can install a solutions that protects your family when they're online.

  • Our rapid deployment kit allows us to demonstrate the benefits our network solution so you can see the results first hand.  

  • Sometimes just simple adjustments are needed on your current network.  We can optimize your Wi-Fi so it working at its best.


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Need Better Wi-Fi in your Existing Home?

It's an Investment into the Future of your Home

It's More than just Wi-Fi

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Outdoor AP
Putting an outdoor wireless AP on an exterior wall can give you full outdoor internet coverage.  This AP is great for outdoor entertainment

In Wall AP
In Wall APs are wall-mounted, low- profile access points.  Their wireless signal is broadcast directly outward from the AP which makes them a great option for extending coverage in a home.

Ceiling AP
(Can be ceiling or wall mounted) - Ceiling mounted APs allow you put an access point almost anywhere in your home which is a huge advantage over traditional consumer methods.

Outdoor Ubiquiti AP.png
Unifi AC AP.png
In wall.png
* An AP or Access Point is a network device used to distribute wireless signal throughout your home.