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Home Wireless Solutions

Our home network services have two main focuses:

1)We want you to have the best wireless coverage possible in your home.

2) We want help your family be safe when they are online.

Click below to learn how we are helping families like yours get the most from their home wi-fi.

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Cut The Cord and Stream

Our outlook on this is very simple. We listen to your in order to learn how you watch TV today and then we find a streaming solution that encompasses that. We install it, remove your old, chunky cable equipment and teach you how to use your new service(s). our goal is to take all of the guess work of cutting the cord so you can enjoy the saving.


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Safety first 
Do you ever wonder where your kids are going online? One minute it seems like we are watching perfectly harmless YouTube videos in three short clicks later, the videos have turned inappropriate. The world of technology is constantly changing and with that comes safety concerns. More kids are online than ever before and we don’t see that trend changing.

 Take the steps to keep your family safe online. Our network service will not only block their access to inappropriate websites, but it will also filter where they can go on YouTube and search engines. We can even set it up to alert you when your child go somewhere they aren’t supposed to be. 

 Click below to learn how we are taking the steps needed to protect the ones you love. 

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Move away from cable for good! 

 Have you ever wondered if streaming could work for you? Everyone seems to be talking about it, but what is it really? Is your internet fast enough?  Can you run it on your smart TV? We can answer all of these questions for you so you don’t have to get lost in the vast amounts of information, advice and gimmicks floating around out there. We have learned that there isn’t a one size fits all solution available. They all bring something a little different to the table. We can help you find the solution that will work for your family. 

How does it work?
Answer some basic questions about your TV watching habits such as  DVR usage, what channels you watch, how many TVs you have, your homes wireless set up, etc.… And we take it from there! 

 Our customers save an average of $127 per month by cutting the cord. In addition to their savings, they have found the flexibility of streaming working on their mobile devices when they are away and amazing added benefit. Click below to learn how cutting the cord can save you money today! 


We've Come a Long Way

we put the customer back in Customer Service.

We’ve started this journey with cutting the cord and moving to streaming for our TV and it has been such a satisfying mood. After helping several friends and family members with streaming services that will work for them, return to the neighborhood site and started building their questions as well. Our goal is to help our friends and neighbors with a cutting up the court process that is tailored to their means.

“We certainly hope that we can save you some money with our service. However, most importantly, we hope that you are happy with the customer service we provided. To us, this is more than just a mission statement, it is a way for us to out reach in the community and offer savings to its hard-working families.”
-Tim and Emily 


 We have since moved into installing home network solutions that focus on keeping our family safe while online and give you better Wi-Fi coverage at the same time. 

 Having served in the information technology field for the last 13 years, Tim makes it a point to offer a high level customer service in everything he does. He takes extreme pride in going out of his way to help others with their needs and has made a very good name for himself in the community social site. Both Tim and Emily grew up from small towns here in Nebraska and have served in the military. That upbringing taught them the value behind a firm handshake, doing what is right, and standing behind your word. Balancing family and work is very important to them. 


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